Dynamo Tutorials - Parametric Patterning in Automotive

Hi everyone,

Here’s a set of 5 video tutorials created by Andrzej Samsonowicz: Parametric Patterning in Automotive
Andrzej goes through step-by-step on how to build out a patterning script and applies it to the front surfaces of car within Alias and Dynamo. Check them out!

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@vfongwm This video was really good. Thank you for making it.

I managed to recreate but now want to change the shape to triangles/hexagons which worked well. But I cannot get the attractor working with a different shape, do you have any suggestions?

@airpaintbrush1 It’s a bit hard to tell what’s not working for you without seeing what you tried. The variable radius of the circles depends on their distance to the attractor point. How did you use this variable value (which is, in the original script, used to create circles with a different radius) to size your triangle/hexagon shape? Can you maybe add your script?


Thanks for your reply, here is the uploaded file. I think my major issue is scaling the triangles and getting them to stay on the centre of each triangle in this case:

Could you please share the add-ons files(custom package)?
How can I get the files?

You can find the resources here:


You can also find this link under the Help menu in Alias, the entry there is named “Dynamo Resources”. Let me know if you should miss anything.