Dynamo 4 Civil - expect arg Geometry,Geometry, called with Solid,Solid

I’m using Dynamo for Civil 3d and Im having some trouble.
I am trying to use the Geometry.DoesIntersect, Geometry.Intersect, Geometry.Split nodes.
I am calling these nodes with solids as input.
I am getting the same error message with each of these nodes:
“Warning: Geometry.DoesIntersect expects arguments type(s) (Geometry,Geometry) but was called with (Autodesk.DesignScript,Geometry,Solid[],Autodesk.AutoCAD.DynamoNodes.Solid[])”
Which I find strange because in Dynamo Revit I could always call these nodes with solids.

Any hints on how to get this to work?

Hmmm… looks like this is an namespace issue, with Dynamo expecting a Dynamo solid but receiving an AutCAD solid (hence the AutoCAD showing up in the object type). I had to uninstall yesterday due to a lingering issue from my beta testing time, but be sure you’re pulling the geometry (can’t recall where, but I think it’s under AutoCAD, Object) from the AutoCAD object.

Thanks for your reply @JacobSmall .

Here’s a comparison of calling Geometry.DoesIntersect with two different inputs.
The first one is working, the second one is not.

I really would like to get the second method to work,
because eventually I want to collect solids by their layer names, not selecting manually.

So how do I pull the solid geometry from Objects on Layer node as a Dynamo solid?
As you can see I tried an additional Object.Geometry, but that doesn’t lead to anything.

Many thanks

I tried with civil 3d 2020 RTM but cannot reproduce.

what happened to the lower one Object.Geomery. :slight_smile: is it possible to PM me the drawing and script?

Thanks for your help, @angelohbwang
I just retried this myself, and I also could not reproduce the previous errors :slight_smile:
The key difference is that Object.Geometry after All Objects on Layer is not failing this time. In the screenshot that I posted in post 3 you can see that it was returning null.
Strange! But hey, I can continue.