Load dynamo geometry into civil


So in my dynamo script, about 19 solids are getting created. But it isn’t possible to add a property set to this object because it isn’t in the modelspace. So my question is, is there a way to import the solids into a set dwg, based on their already set coördinates.

@remco.dejong ,

you can try this:


If you leave the “filePath” empty will it then go to the current file or will it create a new file?

In the context of Civil 3D you would likely want to use an Object.ByGeometry node.

I don’t think you understand me, or I just dont know how to use this object.geometry node. Both are a possibility. Is it possible for this node to place in dynamo created solids into C3D?

Object.ByGeomtry will make a new object if given geometry (ie: your solids), a layer, and a block (ie: model space).


Nevermind, I used the object.Getgeometry node. I am stupid

Not at all. This is a mistake I make once a week. :slight_smile: