Dynamo with Civil 3D Surface

Hi, everyone.
I’m new on Dynamo, and having some doubts about the using with Civil 3D. There is some way to transform the object “surface” into mesh? Or, more generally, transforme some plains or points from autocad models to Dynamo?

Thanks in advance.

Yes. The Object.Geometry node will convert AutoCAD objects into Dynamo Geometry after they are selected.

Hi @jacob.small.

I tried the way you said, but appear me the following:
“Warning: Object.get_Geometry operation failed.
Not implemented.”
I restarted the software and the computador, but still doesn’t work.

Post the dwg and I’ll have a look later.

TERRENO_C3D.dwg (2.9 MB)

Here is the file I’m using.


Looks like the capacity to interact with TIN surfaces isn’t yet an OOTB node, but this is doable via Python. @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 has a good example of getting the geometry and generating solids between two TIN surfaces on his linked-in here: Paolo Emilio Serra on LinkedIn: #dynamo #civil3d #solids #tinsurfaces #autodeskemployee #autodesk…

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Or you can convert the surface(or a copy) to a solid in Civil and then use it?


My first intention was to get the C3D surface and transform into a mesh, to work like the script below, with the node “Spring.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry”, from Spring Package in Revit. Then, inside Dynamo I’ll make other operations like subtract a tunnel of this volume generated by the mesh.

I see in Dynamo the volumes are generated better, with less erros and flaws, like the ones exported directly from C3D, with the “Extract Solids From Surface”.

This leads to alot of possibilities, but the one i am most interested in is the pissibility to have multiple overlapping Tin-Surfaces --> convert them to mesh --> extract one mesh with the lowest z-value from the overlpping meshes.

For instance: A digging plan for a building, a road and ditches for the pipe-system. In stead of having to manually create the interaction between these, youll just get the part that has the lowest z-value and be able to get one digging-plan that includes all elements.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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In my search for object geometry I could not find that node?

Are you using Dynamo for Civil 3d?

I made a .dyn that does something similar to this. We need to make composite surfaces all the time that have to be the final cut surface but the elevation to cut to depends on which of several criteria push the surfaces lowest in a given spot. This .dyn should pull in comparison surfaces and create a new surface by projecting a grid onto the area defined (by a pick object - I use a closed polyline here as the grading area boundary works well for this or just your EG survey outer boundary if you need an overall composite surface for how the surface looks after excavation). The example I have left here only includes 3 surfaces, but it should be possible to add more by just adding nodes in “Surface to Compare” and making sure there is a node for each feeding into Surface.ElevationsByXY and its ReplaceByCondition node.

Hope this helps someone else out there
MultiSurface_CutComparison.dyn (1.1 MB)