How to convert from DynamoNodes.surface to DesignScript.Geometry.Surface

When you load the grid surface created with Civil3D into Dynamo, it becomes 「DynamoNodes.surface」.
I want to convert this surface to a geometry that can be moved with Dynamo, that is, 「DesignScript.Geometry.Surface」,
Which node should I use?

Object.Geometry might be a good start. Can you post an example graph if not?

I don’t think getting geometry for grid surfaces is supported in Dynamo yet, only TIN surfaces. So you’d have to use a workaround:

  1. Extract triangles from surface in Civil 3D (creates 3D faces)
  2. Create Dynamo topology faces from AutoCAD faces
  3. Get surface geometry of topology faces

Thank you, mzjensen !
I did well in that way.

Thank you for your reply.
I used Object.Geometry, but it’s null.