Dynamo Advance Steel - Solid Geometry not visible in UI

Hi All,
Relatively new to using dynamo, and its advance steel interface.
Im using Advance Steel 2022 with Dynamo AS
I’ve created a cylinder using the Geometry>Cylinder nodes provided in dynamo. It is visible in the dynamo interface and I would like to instantiate this as an AutoCAD solid rather than using Advance Steel node.
Is there a way of instantiating it within the drawing as an AutoCAD solid using native dynamo components and or a plug in?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the reply Daan.
Unfortunately that command is not available in the Dynamo AS interface. It must be used in the Revit Dynamo or Civil 3D.

@danny-mack You can check out Hosts of the Dynamo Party where @JacobSmall goes over a light touch into Advance Steel and Dynamo.

@JacobSmall any thoughts on getting base Dynamo geometry into Advance Steel?


Sorry about that, I thought that was an universal node for .dwg-files

Not sure if there is an easy way to do this in the application as it currently is built, but I’ll check into it on Monday (getting some family time in this weekend).

If not you could look into Python based methods for creating objects in Dynamo for Civil 3D - anything base AutoCAD should transfer directly.

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Thanks Jacob.
Do you mean that I should use Civil 3D and Dynamo to create the objects that I want or that I can replicate how Civil3D/Dynamo does it with a python script in Dynamo for Advance Steel? I currently don’t have access to Civil 3D but I’m working on it.

I would look into the Python and other API call methods used to create the shape in Dynamo for Civil 3D, and then re-interpret those into the advance steel integration; The core AutoCAD api (what you’re trying to do) is the same in both, so the code used to make a [solid, line, circle, arc, polyline, mesh, etc.] should be the same in both (in theory anyways).