Dynamo 3D preview is not available - Do I need an Upgrade

I want to see element geometry in Dynamo from my Revit model and nothing comes up.
It is just a simple 4 wall model that I use for testing.
The geometry and 3D view including the grid plane are not showing.
I check the options to see the 3D preview and it is on.


The script for geometry preview shows the walls listed and everything looks like it is working normally but no 3D in my Dynamo.

Am I missing something here? Is there a setting to adjust or an update I need?
Funny thing is that everything was working fine the day before now I can’t get 3D preview.
Possible I need to update my Video driver but I want to check if there’s a setting in Dynamo I should configure first.


Win 10
Revit 2019.2.2
Dynamo 2.0.3
AMD 64 driver for Radeon 540 Graphics Card

As long as i know there are two things you need to do.

1- Make sure that dynamo preview checked.

View -> Background 3D Preview -> Availabe Previews -> Background preview.

2- May the solid is away from the zero point so do zoom to fit press on the geometry node then go to the enable background 3d preview and press on the zoom to fit. check the picture below.


I believe if revit working with your graphic cards dynamo should work as well

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Looks like Dynamo can’t pick up any geometry.
I go to the 3D preview and zoom to fit which focuses on the Node but nothing else.

I have the view settings showing both the background preview and Revit background preview as well.


Do you see the grid and coordinate system when you launch Dynamo?

No there’s just a blank background.
Usually The 3D grid is always on and I can navigate in 3D background mode.

You need to either:

  1. Force your graphics card to use the discrete radios card as opposed to hot swapping to the integrated.
  2. Ensure your drivers, direct x, and other graphics related components are up to date.

are you using secondary monitors / thinkpad etc?

No secondary monitors it’s all one monitor on a laptop.

please look in the dynamo console for any 3d or graphics related error messages.

I set my Radeon to have Revit and Dynamo as high priority services which seemed to do the trick for a while.

Then it went back to no 3D preview again.

I think the Radeon driving has something to do with it but the high priority settings are the same so I don’t understand what changed.
There was a Windows update a day or two ago but I am not sure if that was it or something else went into effect. A windows update might have been what did it last time as well.

Anyone experienced problems with Windows updates affecting their Dynamo sessions?



Not Working: