Dynamo 2 - Import Instance by SAT - Unit and Scale Issue


I come across a weird issue by using the dynamo nodes ImportantInstancebySAT in Dynamo 2.

  1. Rhino with unit set to mm, export SAT
  2. Dynamo Import SAT into Revit
  3. Revit with unit set to mm, the imported SAT was scaled 1000 times

I read somewhere else: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues/2864
It was suggested that Dynamo auto-convert units to decimal metres.
But it doesn’t seem to help with this unit awareness thing.

I had no issue when I export Rhino object with unit set to metres into sat,
and scaled it up 1000 times in dynamo and then pushed them into revit.

Any help or thoughts or walkaround are appreciated, thanks!

All sat files save their associated units within the file, this can be seen/modified by opening the file and following these steps indicated here https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/inventor-forum/how-to-import-sat-in-proper-units/m-p/5056016/highlight/true#M509821

I have had one instance previously where i indicated the units to export as mm but it had them as inches within the sat file but there associated geometry data was in mm, so therefore dynamo multiplied them by the scale factor because of this.

This could be a avenue for you to look at.