Importing SAT files at the right location - Dynamo


I am trying to import sat files with dynamo, using the node importInstance.BySatFile, but the element does not show up at the right location…
I see that in the description of the node it is said “the file is considered as being in feet”. So I also tried to convert the unit in foot but I do not have result at the right location…
(My aim is to import a solid geometry from rhino, I tried with rhinoInside but I just get Surfaces)

Thank you !

Rhynamo might be a good choice here - it allows Dynamo to read the active Rhino document so you get the geometry there. You can then stitch the surfaces together into a solid with a Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces node, before creating a direct shape or family instance.

If your model is very complex this can be very slow, but because you will see the surfaces in Dynamo as something you can manipulate, and preview them in Revit as you go, you should be able to make any corrections in terms of location.