Change units of Export to SAT from mm to inches

Does anyone know how? It seems to be locked in to millimeters and changing display units in the settings tab makes no difference

Hi Aaron,
Dynamo will always use SI (meters) for everything. The settings> "length display units" are only for display in the watch nodes. Your import settings in Revit may be set to default to something else . . . So you can either select the imported SAT file and in it's properties change it to meters with a value of 1, or you can add a conversion factor in Dynamo

Hi Zac

Thanks for clarification on this. i also had problems with this. This article doesn’t seem to mention that Dynamo is in meters anywhere:

Is there a way to globally change/set the units without having to do it at each operation? What does the Divide(x:SIUnit) node do?



unfortunately no!

as i am working in metric systems, i have always to mess around with units when i interact with revit (which is in decimal inches) especially when using python scripts.


Is this still true Zach?

Trying to create a level, set dynamo units to fractional foot, using a number slider, value of 1 in dynamo = 3’ 3 95/256" in revit. i’ve tried closing and reopening revit/dynamo. is there no way to make it so i can enter fractional or even decimal feet into the dynamo slider? nothing seems to get it to update.


if that is true… it’s very unfortunate and extremely limits the extent to which I can use dynamo in my work place.