Dynamo 0.9 not loading packages properly

Hi All, Happy New Year. First post here, so go easy on me. I am having quite a bit of a trouble updating my packages. I tried reinstalling, changing file path, restarted. Has anybody else encounter similar problem? It is quite trivial. My Dynamo version is

Thanks in advance! Wes

Hi Wes,

Uninstall Dynamo. Delete all the packages from “C:\Users\wsun\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo.9\packages” restart your PC and then reinstall latest dynamo version. Good Luck!

Hi Kulkul,

I did what you said and it worked! Thank you so much. I installed 0.91 FYI

I have the same problem. The only way is to add packages manually (placing them here C:\Users\Santa\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo.9\packages). If the latest package is not being added to the library, so I have to download the next previous version of a package (and so on until the packed is added to the library). Also, all added packages are deleted from the library after every time I close dynamo. And I have to install packages again all times I open dynamo. The process of local package publication is also weird for me: I open package manager → click properties → publication. Then, doing nothing, just closing the publication options window! And this is the only way I can add a package to my library.

P. S. I am not able to use search for a package due to corporate network politics.

Hello, solved that problem: just go to packages folder, open any troublesome package, find anу dlls, then open dll’s properties, click unblock dll. This helps. Guess, this must be written in Primer in packages section for those who can’t use “search for a package”.


SORTED! Fixed!


I have Dynamo 1.0 and I was able to install certain packages ( Bakery\BOP\guid tools\Rhythm\Slingshot! for Dynamo\spring nodes\SteamNodes)

However, for Bumblebee and for Archi-Lab, I tried all the solutions in all the posts and I tried manual install and automatic install, uninstall, reinstall, etc… Also couldn’t find the “UNBLOCK” option anywhere on any menu or sub-menu in the file property of the .dll even though I have access rights to most file properties.

The only thing that worked was to install OLDER PACKAGES from around Jun 2015. The 2016 Packages don’t install on my Dynamo 1.0 version.

Hope this helps.