Manual install of packages not working




Hi All,

Probably a simple thing that I’m overlooking, but not quite sure what. I can’t use the package manager on my Dynamo install due to the company firewall, so when at work I’ve always manually installed the packages by locating the files in %AppData%\Roaming\Dynamo.9\packages. For whatever reason though, the large majority of the packages just don’t load.

The ones that don’t load, I can see them in the installed packages list, but they appear empty when I expand them. Screenshot below explains I hope. I’ve made sure that all the packages that I have downloaded are ones that work with 0.9. Is there something obvious that I’m missing or a change that I might have missed in the version change?

Hi Ryan, I’m guessing these packages come down as a .zip file?

and in some zip compression schemes empty folders are removed… in this case thats probably the extra folder and the dyf or bin folder of the package. recreate these folders if they are missing from any package and they should load. We ignore packages that don’t have a complete set of these folders.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes all zip files when downloaded. I used WinRAR to extract, all the folders seem to have been extracted, there are dyn and bin folders in each, even the ones that don’t load.

I’ve had a quick check of file permissions, I’ve re-extracted all the files again, I’ve tried another folder to located packages in, same packages still won’t load. I’m a bit stumped at the moment.

Just a heads up, I disconnected from the network and tethered my PC via USB to my phone. I’ve used the package manager and everything has come in perfectly fine. There must have been some odd setting with WinRAR that was playing up with the extraction process.


Once you have put them into the packages folder (unzipped) You need to go into the ‘bin’ folder and Right Click > Properties on each of the .DLL files and UNBLOCK them (Button at bottom of General Tab in Properties)

Do this with Revit and Dynamo closed and when you re open they should be loaded.

I have to do this with all the packages i download for Dynamo.


Hope this helps


SORTED! Fixed!


I have Dynamo 1.0 and I was able to install certain packages ( Bakery\BOP\guid tools\Rhythm\Slingshot! for Dynamo\spring nodes\SteamNodes)

However, for Bumblebee and for Archi-Lab, I tried all the solutions in all the posts and I tried manual install and automatic install, uninstall, reinstall, etc… Also couldn’t find the “UNBLOCK” option anywhere on any menu or sub-menu in the file property of the .dll even though I have access rights to most file properties.

The only thing that worked was to install OLDER PACKAGES from around Jun 2015. The 2016 Packages don’t install on my Dynamo 1.0 version.

Hope this helps.

Any of Konrad’s packages will not work with Dynamo 1.0.0 until he gets back from RTCAUS. He has custom UI within his nodes that needs reworked. For now use 0.9.2 if you need Archi-LAB nodes.

Related to this issue is my own solve for getting the manually installed packages to show up: