Duplicate Sheets using BiMorph Node



Hi Thomas,
I am Currently trying to get my dynamo duplicate sheets ghraph to run, its starts to run but within revit I get an error message that says " Can’t paste because there is no corresponding work plane. Set workplane or switch to view with appropriate workplane." would be very greatfull if you Could shed any light on to why this keeps happening. I am using the latest version of the BimorphNodes along with revit 2015 and dynamo 1.2.1?



Based on what you’ve described the failure is the copy process that’s used to ‘duplicate’ annotation placed on sheets to the new duplicate sheet (Detail lines, text, dimensions, symbols etc). So there is either something wrong with the annotation items being copied, or with the destination sheet they are being copied to.

That gives you a line of enquiry to determine which sheets have this problem. Do any of the sheets successfully duplicate? If so, check where it stops (you need to check the sheet list input in Dynamo) as the next sheet in the sequence is the sheet that has the problem. Once identified, try duplicating this sheet in isolation. If the problem triggers, save it to a new file with annotations + views and upload it so I can debug it.

Also, please ensure you are running BimorphNodes v2.0.4.


Cheers for the quick response, the error message comes up as soon as the ghraph runs so it doesn’t manage to duplicate any sheets. I have tryed to do some of the sheets on there own and I still get the same error message.


@Thomas_Royle I’ve looked into this and replicated the problem; its caused by a limitation in the Revit 2015 API. The method used to ‘duplicate’ annotations on sheets uses the ElementTransformUtils.CopyElements method which requires a workplane to host the copied objects. In Revit 2015, sheets have no workplane, so the process fails.

As a workaround, I’ve simply disabled this process for Revit 2015 only: if you download BimorphNodes v2.0.5 this fix will enable you to duplicate Sheets+Views without issue.

Its also worth mentioning that the up-coming release of Bimorph Nodes v2.1 will only have limited support of Revit 2015 as the package is being built on the newer Revit API 2016+. Hence, if you do need to duplicate sheet annotations, your only option would be to upgrade your version of Revit.


Cheers for sorting that out for me ill have a go and get back to you with how it goes. going forward alot of the jobs we will be using 2016 + so should have many more issues


Hey, I’ve been using this for a bit now and it’s been working great. Only thing I’d ask is if there’s any possibility for it to copy our custom sheet parameters over, specifically that we use a few order code parameters to arrange our sheet sets. Nothing wrong with it for me, I dig it, just another potential functionality


@sam_keville thanks for your feedback and suggestion - great to hear Bimorph Nodes is improving your workflow. Its a good suggestion and has been mentioned by other users, and I am in the process of reviewing the technicalities to gauge whats feasible. I’ll announce any new features on the forum when Bimorph Nodes v2.1 launches (ETA Q2/3 2017).