Duplicate sheet and rename

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is there a way to duplicate a sheet in Revit and rename it, and by duplicate I mean if I have prepared sheet and I want to keep the same information after duplication.


Sheets cannot be duplicated via the Revit API. What you could do is create a new sheet using the same title block type and then assign the parameter values of the original sheet. Package SteamNodes by Julien Benoit has a node for making sheets.


you can do this without Dynamo by right clicking on empty sheet and selecting “copy to clipboard” then paste as much as you want. I wonder if this can be done via Dynamo.

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Thank you Andreas it’s working now as u said, I could load the sheet template and rename it through read names from excel.

Danial I know I can do that, but I was looking for automated way to create sheets with names and now it’s working, thank you for your respond

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You could also try this…


@Mohammad_Nawar there’s a new package that just been launched called bimorphNodes which does exactly what you’re asking:

Duplicate Sheets/placed views:


Renumber/rename Sheets:

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many thanks Thomas this is really useful

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Many Thanks for this set of nodes

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Do you mind help me with this? I’m a novice Dynamo user.
I’m trying to run DuplicateSheets node, but I don’t know how to fill the first parameter and make it works.

Thanks very much!!

@rrjimenez Could you please start a new thread? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @rrjimenez you need to feed in Revit sheet elements. Since you need specific sheets and are new to Dynamo, there is a very simple workflow you can follow using the GetSheetsFromSchedule also found in bimorphNodes package.

Step 1:
Create a new sheet schedule in Revit and filter it so only the sheets you want to duplicate are listed.

Step 2:
Place the GetSheetsFromSchedule node on your graph and input either the Revit View using Views node from the Revit library, or simply enter the name of the schedule as a string:

Step 3:
If you connect the output from the GetSheetsFromSchedule node into your DuplicateSheets node sheets input, then click run you’ll duplicate those sheets

Note: I recommend you change your Dynamo execution mode to Manual (the button bottom-left corner of the interface), and remember to click Run button when you want to update/re-execute your graph.


Thank you very much @Thomas_Mahon. It has been really useful.

Another way of accomplishing this with Macro:

This is an easy approach that just adds a suffix DUP onto the view names and sheet numbers, so you can edit them later.

Nice. The next release of bimorphNodes will include both a prefix and affix option, and an output of all the new sheet elements to aid with downstream workflows. I’ll announce the next release as soon as its available from the package manager.

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Hi - any update regarding the ability to use the Duplicated sheets for using them downstream?


Hi @Chandrasekar_Rajaman if you download the latest update 1.4.3 you will see a new Sheets output:

Also, we’ve got another update of this node in the pipeline due in Q1 2017:

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Thanks a lot!

hello, it does seem to work at all with my sheets please see below. please advise. Thanks!

Wow, thanks for the heads-up Thomas!