Help Duplicating Sheets and Creating Sheet from Schedule

Hello, I am trying to duplicate my sheets using bimorph “Sheet.FromSchedule” but it doesn’t work on a larger project I am working on. I have tested my Dynamo routine on a small project and it works fine, but when I try to use it on a larger project (with Worksharing on) it doesn’t produce a sheet name. I am on Revit 2019.2. I am trying to get the a sheet from the Sheet Index schedule, then duplicate it, but it break down on this first part. Any ideas?
Steve B.

Its easyer to help if you post your graph with errors open here


OK - I’ve attached a screenshot. No errors, it’s just not returning any sheets from Sheet.FromSchedule

Can you check the following:

  1. Ensure you’ve run your graph - does the node throw any exceptions?
  2. You need to include the sheet name and number as columns in your schedule - the node will warn you in any case, but if you are using Dynamo Player then you obviously won’t see the warning.
  3. Obvious one, but does you sheet list schedule display a list of sheets? Make sure there isn’t a filter which may be hiding all the sheets - only sheets visible in the schedule will be returned by the node.
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Thanks for the suggestions - I’ve checked all the items you mentioned; still not working. I’ve simplified it so that all I have in the Dynamo file is the “Sheet.FromSchedule” routine. The image I’ve posted is running it in a simple Revit file with a sheet list and a few sheets - you can see that it runs fine. But when I open it with my large project, I get no results. I’ve checked the sheet file and the sheet view, should be working. It’s a workshared file, but I’ve tested that, and this works with other workshared files. I’ve even tested it in my larger Revit project with a very simple sheet (thinking that maybe it was something on the sheet I need to copy, like text ,lines, schedules) but that doesn’t work either.

Workshared file shouldn’t make any difference, so long as you can see sheets in the schedule. What version of Dynamo, Revit and BimorphNodes are you using? Have you tested on other projects? Do you see any exceptions (node turning yellow) when it doesn’t work? If so what does it say?

I am using the latest version of Dynamo, Revit and BimorphNodes. I have tested it on other projects, works fine - the last jpg I posted shows it working on a simple project.

The issue is your project not BimorphNodes by the sounds of what you’re saying but it’s difficult to say with any certainty. To troubleshoot:

  1. Post a screenshot of your sheet list schedule
  2. Recreate your sheet list schedule
  3. Open Revit and Dynamo then the script in a fresh session and try again
  4. Detach from central and delete all schedules except your sheet list and try again
  5. Don’t use Dynamo Player
  6. Ensure all work sets are on
  7. Remove any filters from your sheet list schedule
  8. Don’t use any design options
  9. Test on one of your other real projects not from a new file
  10. Input the name of your schedule as a string into the node (don’t use the View node).

Good suggestions. I will try all of those . . . I have a feeling it is the one thing I always find is an issue in Revit - Design Options; I have a lot of them in that project. I do have one other question, about your suggestion #7 “Remove any filters from your sheet list schedule”. I do have a filter set in the sheet list- that’s the only way I know to have the sheet list schedule list only those sheets that I want to copy. I’d have to delete all the other sheets otherwise.