BiMorph Sheet.Duplicate starts generating the entire model graphics for one sheet


I assume this is fairly straight forward…
I am trying to duplicate a sheet with Bimorph Sheet.Duplicate. When selecting only one sheet with a couple views, the script runs for atleast 10 minutes until I force cancel it.

The progress bar in the bottom of my Revit screen shows that Revit is generating all kinds of views not even relevant to the sheet.
Below is my input to the node. Does anyone have an idea why Revit decides to load every single view in my project?

Wondering if this is a bug… @Thomas_Mahon

Hi @MVE1112

Are you running Dynamo in Manual mode or Automatic? If Automatic, switch to Manual and test. If you need automatic, avoid any of the OOTB selection nodes like All Elements of Category as they can play havoc with Revit views (such as sheets) and create circular dependencies which never stop updating your graph, causing connected nodes (e.g. Sheet.Duplicate) to continually run.


Well there we go… haha

its a small script but there is a node to filter all elements of sheet category in there…

Do you know of any other ways to get the sheets faster so my users can still select what sheet to duplicate in the data shapes prompt?

I have decided to replace the All elements of Category with a spring.collector Current selection, this way users can select the sheets in the project browser.

Thank you for your help!

Hmm just a small thing…

The Sheet.Duplicate node now shows me that the duplication was succesful, but returns an empty list of sheets:

Am i missing something here?

Apparently this has something to do with the project I’m testing it in. (or the sheets/titleblocks in the project…) The script works fine in a new file.

Is there a way i could pinpoint the issue in the current project?

I copied the titleblock to a new project, it duplicates just fine in there. I also removed all views from a sheet in the malfunctioning project, but it cant duplicate it then either