Duplicate as a dependent node not working

Has anyone had trouble using the clockwork node “view.duplicateasdependent”? i’ve tried using it but i keep getting “Null” or “function” show up in the little watch box. I’ve tested the “view.duplicatewithdetailing” node in the same script to see if i get errors but it seems to work fine. Not sure if it’s the node, or something i’m doing wrong.

Try setting the input to @@L1. If that doesn’t work share an rvt with just the plan you want to duplicate (delete all model elements and all other views, sheets, schedules) and I’ll have a look this weekend. :slight_smile:

It looks like you are using an old Clockwork version. That node has a second input for the View Name in newer versions. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Clockwork.


Thanks all, I did previously have an old clockwork version but had since updated and still had an error; though this morning ive changed one item and seem to be getting somewhere. Ill play with it a bit more and see if i can get it working fully - cheers