Bakery Package Duplicate Views fail


I recently downloaded the Bakery Package to use the Duplicate View function.
I have it set up so it runs and renames views but does not actually duplicate them.
i seemingly cannot get just the duplicate view to work, it just says “FAILED”

Try using the duplicate tools from clockwork. If that doesn’t work, reach out to Luke Johnson (whatrevitwants)


Have you tried to Flatten the output of the element.filterbyname node?

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Add flatten node.

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Thank you all. Flattening worked.
So I want to rename them instead of producing “name - Copy 1, name - Copy 2” etc.
I have another excel file that i want to pull the names from but its only renaming the originals, not the new duplications.

In that case start a new topic. It is out of topic.

Before you start new topic mark this post as solved. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for the post, my view duplication with Bakery is still failing

What list are you flattening to input into viewsToDuplicate?

-With the built in Views node I selected the view to duplicate
-Then multiplying the list with List.Cycle (also tried List.OfRepeatedItem)
-and then Flatten to input into ViewToDuplicate
-Or inputting directly the Views node into Flatten

All of them end up with View duplication failure, but your screenshot doesn’t show the list you are Flattening so if you could just shed some light on that step. I mean the Watch node shows your floorplan views list but I guess my question is does the Duplicate Views node identify views by matching the name?

There is a duplicate tool in clockwork that has worked for me in the past.

Hi, quick question, from what package is your Duplicate View Node?