View.DuplicateAsDependent node is not working

Dear all,
While creating Dependent views from the existing views, View.DuplicateAsDependent is not working. Sometimes before it was working. But now its not.

is it something to do with “Do Not Duplicate the existing views” then how to switch it off.
Thanks in Advance.

try restart revit or computer

Why do you have in the node Categories the categorie Scope Boxes selected?

Try pulling out the python node from DuplicateAsDependent (I think it’s just python in there) and run that to see what errors you get. It might not take sublist. Try flattening your list of views first.

to get the count of scope boxes i have, so i can duplicate the views using List.OfRepeatedItems.

I copied the clockwork package from arhive folder to main Packages folder, then it worked.
Thanks for your help