Multiply Schedules with View.Duplicate nodes?


I am trying to use View.Duplicate from the Clockwork package, to create multiple copies of a schedule.

Is it okay to deal with schedules and treat them like views? :grimacing:

As far as I understand the input of view should be a list, or var[]…[] but below in my screenshot I am always getting a null results with no error message either and I have tried the two different options. I have seen solution screenshots of connecting these nodes working but with Floorplans only :sweat:

Is it simply because I’m dealing with schedules? Does anyone have any suggestions

(Screenshot has been organised to show abstract form of all nodes connected- results are null)

The below screenshot is the result from using Duplicate Views from the Bakery Package.
Didn’t return null value but Failed view duplication - so same question: is it because I’m trying to duplicate a Schedule? Does anyone have any suggestions?

let me know if you have questions, i used the Python code in the Duplicate node.

Check out the video where the schedule is duplicated.

Ok so solution was:

Schedules don’t duplicate.

Must be copied and pasted, code from this post here works great:
Trouble to combine and duplicate a List of elements


Hi. I’m juste trying to duplicate a Schedule too, and seems to me you found a solution to this. Could you be more specific please? How did you get it?

Hey Mickael,

So if you use that link (“Trouble to combine… elements”) at my last comment on this post there is a Python Code in this thread which you can copy and paste into a “Python Script” node (so R-click and paste it into this node).

You will need 2 inputs, so the IN[0] will be the number of times to copy and the IN[1] will be the view (or schedule)

However, this is a old post from pre-Dynamo 1.3 and I think now there are also some more nodes for Schedule related tasks e.g. Filters, Adding Fields (thanks to Konrad S :wink: ) so once you duplicate you will still have many options to modify each one.

I hope that post works for you :slight_smile:

Well, actually, I found a package : Archilab, that contains a node Duplicate and it works realy good… Thx for your answer :wink: