Duplicate a family number of times and get the respective family names in an excel

Hi Forum,

I have been trying to duplicate a family (box) , n number of times in revit and get the respective family names in an excel .
I have a problem selecting all the family instances created by duplicating them in revit.

I have attached screenshots ,

any help me with this

Thank you

Is it the duplicated Family Types that you are after? i.e. box, box 2, box 3, box 4? Perhaps try this:

Hi Willams,

Thanks for the post , but i do not have the nodes “FamilyInstance.Getfamily” and “Family.types” in my version of Dynamo. I am using dynamo 0.8.0. I cannot update to newer versions because of my system configuration.

I was wondering if there was a workaround…

Anyways thanks for your help.
Cheers !

Hi @shoiab.1618

You can get the family types of box family as shown below.

You can then go a head and connect FamilySymbol.Name node to get the names of all family types. Cheers!

Hi Kukul,

Thanks . Works like a charm !

Hi i am stuck with getting the program furter.

What i am trying to Get is all the family instance and their respective dimensions on an excel.
Please go through …

Hope someone can help me on this.