Creating new Family Types from excel

Hello Group,
I am first time user of dynamo and have come to wall. I am trying to make a new family type from a existing family in my model and seem to have it working except its only creating one type and not creating the rest i have listed. I am not sure which step is missing.

You’re missing an input for FamilyType.Duplicate. You need to provide a unique name for each new type. I believe you will also need to use the list level name @L1 on that node.

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Thank Nick, but I do have a FamilyType.Duplicate highlited in this new image. I do not have a level node, would the level node restrict my other types from coming in?

You have to create the new types before you can assign them. That’s the reason for the FamilyType.Duplicate node. You provide it with the family type you want to duplicate and the name(s) of the new type(s). You’re not giving it either of these inputs, so it’s not doing anything.

Are all of your instances getting a new type?

That makes more sense. Yes each instance is getting duplicated and given a new number value.

Ok. Then you can just name each one accordingly and your list structure will match so it should be pretty straight forward.

where did you find the familyinstance…settype node?

@AustinMcCollum Clockwork package