Duplicating Column Family using excel sheets (problem)!

Hey Guys,
I have been trying lately to duplicate families using excel sheets, which will boost my modelling process (by saving time creating many types). I managed to duplicate the family name only but parameters are the same.
I tried to get paramters using the output of my types but it didn’t work.


I have done something like this a while ago.
See if it is of any use:
DEFINITIEF_CreateNewFamilyTypes.dyn (49.6 KB)

Ill try and find the excel file i used with it and post it here later.

It should be like this:

Column A contains the new family name of the duplicates.
Column B till Column.count, Row A contains parameter names (case sensitive). and in the rows B and down you fill in the values.

P.S. i used Dynamo 2.0.3 (packages: Clockwork 2.x and Data Shapes)

Thanks , i will be waiting for your excel file, so i could see how it works.

Good luck :slight_smile: