Communication Devices Tagging Placement - Choosing Specific Location

Hi Everyone,

I’m pretty new in Dynamo and I’ve tried unsuccessfully to automatic Tag Communication Devices with two different Communication Devices Tags, in a specific locations. I red almost every similar topic and tried to modified a few nodes but my knowledge a really limited lol.

Here’s what I try to archive


I tried this two nodes that I found in previous post (Thanks everyone, I don’t how to do mentions but thanks)

Post 1

Try 1

Try 2

Any thoughts?


like first solution , but the location make the following

  • use GetLocation node for the elements .
  • use Translate node to move the point where you want to be
  • use this points as a TagLocation

Thank you so much @khuzaimah.ElecEng it worked!

Just one more question. How do I add a leader to show just like thus screenshot?

Tag 2

I know there is a Node that has addLeader as part of the node.


Thanks in advanced

you can use setparameterbyname node like this

Yesss, looks awesome and I works great.!! I don’t mean to be to picky on this, I’m extremely happy with the results, but I was wondering is there is a way to add coordinates to control the leader location and had a “free end”


Thanks again.