Duct Selection in Order

Hello Everyone,
I am new to Dynamo and Revit so spare me if this question was asked. Is there a way in Dynamo to list elements in the order they are picked. I am trying to renumber ducts in a particular direction. Is this possible? (increment Mar

k value).


Yes it is possible, check out the spring nodes package.

A better solution might be to get all group of ducts, find their location, generate a polycurve through the elements, and use that to select the elements in order. Look into select by spline and other methods for a start point.


Thanks Jacob

Hi Jacob,
It worked like charm.

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Hi Jacob,

This is what I managed to achieve. Very Happy. I have another question, is there a way to bringing the tag associated with the duct mark once I finish Dynamo. I am doing it in 2 stages, first I am putting the tags, and them I am running Dynamo to increment duct numbers.


Duct Numbering.dyn (6.6 KB)

Not sure what you’re after here… placing automated tags maybe?

Sorry for the confusion, yes I ment automated tags.

Hi there, thanks for this post, the script from avinash worked really fantastic for me, ive renumbered mark parameter for more than 600 VAV`s in my HVAC model in the order i wanted for :slight_smile: