Drawing lines by selecting view: Facing issue

I am trying to create lines above and below the the structural framing at highest level(using boundin box) and lowest point. I am doing it by selecting a view, but when i select any other view, earlier lines are lost. Is there any better way. FYI- i am new to dynamo. Dyf is attached herewith.

Create line in any direction.dyf (18.5 KB)

In the custom node right after “Select.ByCatgoryAndView” you have an element output, yet the next node is “Geometry.BoundingBox” which broke the script for me. If i edit the node and insert an “Element.Geometry” in between, as in the picture above (or even better gust replace these two nodes with “Element,BoundingBox” I obtain a model line visibile in all views.
Please let me know if this helps you!

Hello GregX,
Thanks for quick response!

What i am trying to do is, once the line is created, i am going to dimension it from FF. But if i select any other view, the references will be lost and subsequently the line and dimensions will also go lost,

If you see, the i changed the view, and the line from first image is gone!

Ah ok I understand! Please ignore my previous post then!
This is typical Dynamo behaviour, i.e.: when you press Run (or when you leave it on Automatic) it thinks you are still working on the same “object” and simply deletes what it did before and reruns the script as if it were the first time.
To “bake” (make permanent) the script resuls( in this case the creation of this line) you should use the dynamo player (or close and repoen the script after every use,not very user friendly)
Please let me know if running the script in the dynamo player solves this problem!

I have not used Dynamo player, but i think it should solve the problem.
Unfortunately, its not available for 2016 version. Also, there will be 200-300 views, for which i will need this to be done.

Hmm ok.
Then try inputing multiple views (I hope you did not want to do this manually for 200+ views!)
You can select all the views by using ElementTypes and All Elements of Type. Then you can filter the views by their name or other parameter

Yes! I will try multiple views and check it that works!
Thanks! i will let you know if it works.

HI GregX,
I tried to use dynamo player to create line above element, but dynamo player is also re running the script and earlier lines are deleted. Is there any other way ?Line above panel.dyn (33.8 KB)

Try copying the script in a new file (in manual mode), save it (withput running it) and then trying again with the player. I noticed that sometimes the dyn files “remembers” the rvt file it was launched on and behaves like that

It worked well!!
Thank you very much.

I am facing another problem, which is posted here,

Please let me know if you could help.