Door Number by Linked Room - Clockwise from Entrance Door

Thanks to Everyone for their help.

This graph numbers doors using the room they are located in.

It appends a sequential number clockwise from the entrance door.

Both the rooms and the entrance doors are in a linked file.

The numbering is driven by clashing the room object with the doors.

The entrance door is identified by clashing the rooms in the linked file against the doors in the linked file.

The sequential numbering takes the average locations of the doors and the entrance door in a room and creates a vector between this location and the entrance door location.

The graph has been built to run on an Apartment project file which contains all of the layout elements and where the non-layout elements (ie. apartment rooms, common walls, entrance doors, external walls etc.) are located in several linked files for multiple blocks.

The graph has been succesfully tested on a 400 unit, single phase scheme.

Big thanks to the utilised packages Archi-lab, Clockwork, Rythm, Springs and any other that I’ve missed!



Door Number By Linked Unit Clockwise.dyn (167.3 KB)

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Rebuilt to compensate for project north rotations and multi-level properties

All comments welcome!


Door Number By Linked Unit Clockwise -RotatedLinksbyProjectNorthHouses.dyn (269.6 KB)

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