Autoamtic door/window numbering with Dynamo

Check out this video for automatic door/window numbering with Dynamo!

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Wow, super cool Konrad, thanks for the walkthough. Can you share your magic python node?

Great stuff, Konrad. Not entirely sure how to approach the clockwise numbering of the doors, but I would try the following:

  • Measure angle between (X axis + room location), room location, door location
  • If door location Y greater than room location Y add pi to measured angle (at least I think you'll need to do this to get angles greater than 180°)
  • Sort doors by angle, then by room
BTW: I have some more numbering examples online at if you're interested. NumberingStuffByPosition should be relevant to your case since you want to sort by multiple criteria (room name and door location).

Zach, Sure I will. I need to neaten up the code first and see if i can implement some of Andy’s components. I used RevitAPI to get Phases for example and only realized later that Andy made that component already. :slight_smile:

Andy, I sure will check those examples out. Thanks for great support!


Code and a sample file has all been posted to It’s still not completely vetted, but should give you a good idea how this works!



Thanks for the awesome post and work! Just tested this on a sample project with 10 floors and about 250 doors, worked brilliantly! Very excited to test this on and actual detached project.


Glad to hear that.

How difficult would it be to modify to allow for both To and From Rooms separately, rather than just To Room values?

Well, the way code works right now it uses either To Room or From Room based on the conditional. What I think you are asking is to display both parameters From Room and To Room. Problem with that is that for exterior doors, one of those values will be Null. If that’s something that you are OK with displaying then it’s doable. One of the Parameters would be an actual room number, but the other would have to say something like “Exterior”. Also, you would have to create a new parameter to write the value to since Mark is already being used.

Thanks for the head start on this!

I had to make some tweaks to get this to deal with nested leafs and frames as we use them and I imagine I’ll need to work with it more to do some things we typically do with our door numbers (e.g., if a room only has one door we don’t append a letter) but it worked well in a little test project I made.

Now, however, the first Python node is throwing an error;


It was working 5 minutes ago… all I did was copy the walls/doors/etc. to a clean file and restart everything.

Any thoughts?

Also, I don’t know if it’s related but earlier I was having trouble with Get Family Instance By Category node. It was returning an Empty List. It worked fine in a blank definition however.

For anybody else working with nested families I’ve include my modified definition to get you started.

Door-Window Numbering



Aaaannndddd, now it’s working again. Weird.

nice! I never used door families like this, but good job on making it work.

I am trying to run this code but I cannot find these 2 missing nodes.
can you guide me where can I download them?


Best to start a new thread for this as the post in question is 3 years old.