Door Numbering Clockwise by Room Number (with Room Entry Door Override)

Select phase and run. Doors get renumbered by toRoom number and appended with letters if the room has multiple doors. Use door parameter “toRoomOverride” to force doors to number with fromRoom instead.

Once room entry doors are defined, clockwise numbering begins there. If no entry door is defined, numbering starts at 12 o’clock from the center of the room.

Instance yes/no door parameter: toRoomOverride


  • Archi-lab
  • Bakery
  • Clockwork
  • Lunchbox

Adapted from BVN’s Door.RenumberByRoom node and Tom_James’ clockwise numbering graph.

Depending on shape of the room, radial numbering may not be logical. I’m working on updating the script to follow the perimeter path and I’ll update this post when it’s worked out.

Door Renumbering Clockwise by Room Number v1.3.0.dyn (90.5 KB)
Door Renumbering Test_2016.rvt (1.5 MB)


Also noted you need Lunchbox too :slight_smile:
Am just starting with a clean install on a new machine, so noticed the extra node that was still missing.

But looks good. Been needing to change how i do this, after finding that my old script that used a bit of python had broken in the upgrade from Revit 15/Dynamo 1.2 to Revit 17/Dynamo1.3

Thanks, edited. Also see the note added under ISSUES.

Can anyone confirm if this works with Dynamo V2? When I open the file it crashes both Dynamo and Revit (2017). It worked for me 6 months ago but I don’t recal which Dynamo version I used

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I experienced the same issue.
Dynamo 2 + Revit 2018.3