Cannot "Getting Started with LB and HB" in Dynamo

I’m following the video of Mostapha “Getting Started Installing Ladybug and Dynamo” but I didn’t figure it out what do I miss.

  1. Open Revit 2020 and lunch Dynamo inside revit, the version is Dynamo Revit
  2. Install Ladybug 0.2.1 and Honeybee 0.1.9 in “packages”
  3. Open the example file “01sunpath.dyn” and click “run”

Then I got this message:

  • invalid literal for float(): DynamoForRevit*

If you think this is a bug submit an issue on github.
and include below error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  • File “”, line 55, in *
  • File “”, line 18, in tryGetPluginPath*
    ValueError: invalid literal for float(): DynamoForRevit

Is it because we need to install some other softwares to support the simulation? Just like in Grasshopper?
I see the same post in github “ladybug-tools/ladybug-dynamo/issues” and some other users have the same issue.

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I have the same problem… Could you solve it?

Not yet. I use grasshopper for now on.


Long shot, but maybe this is helpful? Perhaps in not needing Dynamo, or installing the required software… Total guess on my part.



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