Hi guys, running here

I thought this node was use to get the Survey point. Am i right?

If i am i have e a few problems :slight_smile:

  • It doesn't seem to update properly. I have to close and reopen the definition for it to work
  • I'm getting units in Meter, SIUnits being gone(really?) i cannot seem to be able to convert to a double
I'm actually trying to get a specific bounding box point and record it's coordinates.


A usual any help is much appreciated



I’m not sure, but this code may help? Change Name for Location or some other property you want?

active locatoin

That will return the name but not the coordinates unless i’m missing something of course :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, still looking for a clean way to access the Survey Point values (X,Y and Z)


Hi Daniel,

What you’re looking for should be quite easy to acquire with Dynamo’s default nodes similar to the below example:



You’ll get two points - the survey( triangle) and the base(circle) points. Technically it’s the survey point that moves and changes coordinates but that shift is usually reflected in the base point instead because it’s extremely rare that you’d want to move your file’s base point. Therefore you have to get the negative number of the base point’s coordinates to be able to recreate the survey point’s position.

And 0 is always the project base point and 1 the Survey or it could change? Because hey are both showing up as basepoint

Most likely the order will vary.

I have also used this method: