Move survey point

Hey there,

is it possible to move the survey point to a different location via Dynamo?
I like to read in some coordinates and one of them shall become the survey point.

Select Survey point and use Setparameter node with E/W, N/S as parameter names to write the location values. This will move survey point to different location.

Hey Kulkul,

when i search for Setparameter, i only get Element.SetParameterByName. But where do I change the location there?
Thx for responding

You will need to feed the Element as the actual Survey Point, not the point location it is currently in. Refer here for some possible workflows to get this element. :grinning:

Works fine :slight_smile:
But one last error, the surveypoint got read only parameter because it is fixed. Is there a way to unpin the survey point (with Dynamo and not manually unpin it)?

That would be another topic of the day.

So this isn´t that easy? :sweat_smile:

This is not matching with current topic “Move survey point”.

Would it not be better to set the n/s-, e/w parameters of the project base point? That will move the survey point in the opposite direction even if it is clipped.

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I am also trying to move the survey point but it seem’s to be impossible. I really want to translate it on the Z-Axis without editing it’s parameters. Any ideas?

You can move the survey point like this :


Thank you so much, works like a charm!

in my case it mantained the survey point coordinates but modified the project internal point because the survey point is clipped, I was trying to be able to clip or unclip the survey point instead, but I appreciate your massive help