Need clarity on how survey and base point is calculated version 1.2 daily build 2016-09-28

Need clarity on how survey and base point is calculated in dynamo for revit version 1.2 daily build 2016-09-28
see image and conflicting results?

Hi Marcello

Are you saying that the project base point and survey point are in the same location in this model ?
(I.e they are 2 different things)

I don’t think this would change much between daily builds- but does this behave differently in other Dynamo versions ?


What I was trying to get at was, the basepoint coordinates from the “Coordinate.Basepoint” node do not match the actual coordinates shown in BOTH the UI and the parameter values when you select it using dynamo (same for the survey point,)

In other words where do those point coordinates from the “Coordinate.Basepoint” node mean? they make no sense. could someone please explain

@Marcello Observations…

  1. Survey Point and Base Point do not seem to update properly in Automatic Run mode.
  2. On closing and reopening a definition, Survey Point coordinates are set to 0,0,0 and the project Base Point coordinates are also changed relative to the Survey Point.

Seems like Coordinates.BasePoint and Coordinates.SurveyPoint are still a work in progress

Hi Guys, thanks for finding these, can you please post to GitHub issues so we can track more easily and get these fixed.

Has this issue been resolved by any chance. My basepoint coordinates in dynamo are still reading differently from my project base point.