Placing points respective to Survey/Base point


I got some coordinates from our surveyor and I would like to verify those by placing them in the model. I tried using the family instance but the point coordinates don’t seem to work I adjusted the srvey/base point to a known point (Control point) but still no luck. I used the geometry transform node but all it does is adds up the x,y,z to the point list I have. It seems a simple task, but i’m missing something and not sure where it is. ANy help is great appreciated.

Sorry, this might be a bit late but if it is it may prove useful to others later on.

I had a request from a user for the same thing - my solution is below. I’m sure it could be improved but it does seem to work. it relies on the Project base point being at the Startup location to provide the link between Revit Coordinates and Survey Coordinates - all the incoming coords are then transposed by the same amount to allow Dynamo to plot them in the right location. You’ll need to add in your own family for it to place but that should be straightforward.



this is great stuff, i was just about to post along the same lines!

I have a similar problem i have coordinates which are related to the survey point but they are getting placed based on the project base point .