Survey Point

I exported XYZ coordinates of adaptive components placed in Revit using the ‘Get Family Instance Location’ component. Values coming out of Dynamo are in feet and the locus is the Project Base Point. Does anyone have a node which could convent these to 1) metric units and 2) give values with reference to the Survey point.


Thank you.

Cool. Thanks for posting your solution here.


Your logic worked. Get origin> Get geometry XYZ > Add Origin XYZ to Geometry XYZ > Rotate each new XYZ around Origin.

For some reason in this Project file the Survey values were set as the Project base point values by a colleague who set up this file. Hence, I did not need to use the 'Move XYZ from Plane to Plane' node.

Thanks Andreas. I will give this a try.

Check out the package "Project Stuff" - it contains a node that will give you the angle between true north and project north.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think you'd have to rotate every XYZ around the project base point first and then move each one by the difference between base point and survey point. If you're not sure how to do that, have a look at the package "Move XYZ From Plane To Plane" - it contains a similar workflow and you might even be able to use it (not sure, though...).

If you find out that it needs to be done differently, please post your solution here.

Andreas,thanks for the reply. I have a follow up question.

How do I take into account the angular rotation between the true north and the project north?

Regarding metric values: check out the package "Unit Conversion" - it contains all sorts of conversion nodes for lengths and angles.

Regarding the survey point: I am not aware of a node that currently does that. With a few lines of Python you could get that info, though. It's explained here:

Alternatively, if that's not your thing, just measure the XYZ difference between survey point and base point manually and use a Subtract XYZ or Add XYZ node...

Hi, could you post the dyn or custom nodes for this? I cant find anything helpful in the newly compiled Clockwork package.

Thanks for anything.

This post last saw any activity over two and a half years ago. Dynamo has changed significantly since then.

Might be better to start a fresh discussion outlining your concerns.

Meanwhile, if you want to extract Survey Point information in any of the current versions you could do this…