Dividing parameter value to multiple parameters

Hello. Is there any way for dividing a parameter value to multiple parameters using dynamo?
The issue I am facing is that, I want to have a schedule of coordinates of generic annotation families that are used in the project.

I got the coordinates using dynamo and currently it is converted into a string and assigned into a family parameter as shown in the image


But I need Eastings to read only the X coordinate and the Northings to read only the Y coordiante.
Also is there any way of manipulating the prefixes and suffixes for it.

It would of great help if I can get solution for this.

Thanks in advance…

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Look at using the Point.X and Point.Y nodes after attaining the Point location from your Family. These will return the values without any prefix. Then SetParameter.ByName using the individual values. If you want, you can then convert those values to strings with the String.FromObject node.


Thanks alot…it really solved the problem…
want to ask what if I need to change the prefix as N and S for X Y coordinates?

In a code block type

“Prefix” + myinput

Then connect your value and see what it does :wink:

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Thanks for your help…:grinning:

One more thing…!

How to get coordinates by survey point and how to get them by Project base point…in “FamilyInstance.Location” node?

As far as I came to know, it is getting coordinates using the PBS.

Many thanks in advance…!


picture by @Alban_de_Chasteigner


Hi…I am not able to find that node…
I guess I need to download some package for that…?

am I correct?

You are correct.
The package name is Genius Loci :slight_smile:

I used that node but the return value is showing “null”

See snip below:

Actually I got coordinates to list them in schedule.

Initially I listed them as per the PBS but I want them to be listed as per Survey Point.

Thanks in advance…! :grinning:


You should reverse the nodes Point.X/Y with Convert Point node and use list level or longest lacing.

Hi…I did as you said…but still getting this error…?

could you pls elaborate…

Also could you please explain the code block that you used before location node and what actually it does?

Many thanks…!


The code block was there only to reproduce the structure of your list.
If you don’t need sublist you can use a flatten node after the watch node.

You have to choose between lacing or list level on the node Convert points.
It will be easier to help you with previews enabled under the nodes.

I used both of them one by one but still not getting the solution…
got this error:

“Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.”

any help?

Show the previews :grinning:

Have a look…

You have probably null or empty values in your points list.

It should not be “null” as it is reading points from the previous node…
am I correct?

Can you check under the FamilyInstance.location that you don’t have nulls ?

What version of Revit do you use ?
If you’re using Revit 2016 or Revit 2017, use the Convert Point in Coordinate Systems (prior Revit 2018) node as written in the node description.