Add project parameter to spot coordinates family

i try to export all spot coordinates to excel.
Well i get all coordinates but it would be great to give every point in Revit a name…a point number. But for some reason i can’t. I also try to set up a project parameter with dynamo…
Any idea how i can put a new string parameter in the spot coordintes family?

How would you do this with vanilla Revit?

What do you mean with vanilla Revit?
Do you mean it ironic? So it isen’t possible? …Its hard to understand irony, if your not a nativ speaking person;)

Vanilla meaning out of the box Revit - no Dynamo. No irony intended. I’m more lost as to what you were after.

Ok, i try to create a script that exports any selected point coordinates to excel
and than to stake out the points on the construction site.
I don’t know any function in Revit that can do that.


00_BM_MA_coordinaat.rfa (296 KB)
you can use this family and tag it with a spot coordinate.
select the spot coordinate and use the Top Value Prefix and/or Bottom Value Prefix parameters for the numbering,

You can also create a Mass Tag for this family and give it some shared parameters.




Hi I am Nicola
I tried with the script but it does not export me to Excel
Could you tell me what’s wrong?
Thank you

It’s been 3 years, sorry.
Please create a new post and mention this one.