Adding XYZ coordinates to identity data


I’m pretty new at dynamo, but I want to use dynamo to add coordinate sets for anchors into revit. I want to transfer them into visible parameters in revit for later on to take out the information via schedules.

So far I know how to take out the information, but I can’t figure out how to add the parameters first. Hope anyone can help me :confused:


@de_ka_aa try using Element.SetParameterByName:

In this example i wrote the startpoint of the wall curve to the Comments parameter of the wall.



I have tried that, but it seems like my elements doesnt have coordinates allthought it does when I use spot coordination.

@de_ka_aa can you pin all outcomes? or maybe upload your project / dynamo file?

Sure, here is the dynamo file

SNM_coordinate_script.dyn (50.1 KB)

@de_ka_aa could you also upload a dummy project? something like your situation.

I could find this:

also make sure your family Element has the Parameters “X”, “Y” and “Z”.

i think you have to feed them as a string

@de_ka_aa please mark your tread as solved.

Make sure your shared parameter is Text and Instance:


It’s still giving me errors

Whys is this node showing me null values??

@de_ka_aa i dont know, did you insert elements? its easyer to help if you upload a dummy project.

Okay its working when I replace the Element-Location node with Element.GetLocation. I get the output buuut its not the right coordinates. I think its taking coordinates from the project basepoint. Do you know how to transform it into survey points??

@de_ka_aa about that i m not sure. but i think you shouldnt use All Elements of Family Type in combination with Select Model Elements.

use either one of the two.
Option 1:

Option 2:

Yeah I know, I was just using select model element to keep track on one anchor in the beginning but the plan is to move the strings and use the all elements of family.

But thanks alot! at least I can proceed now