N/S and E/W Coordinates

Hi all,

There’s been a bit long since I wasn’t here. I’m dealing with getting the coordinates in terms of North and East, not XYZ point. I’m extracting the location point of all my columns.

In the next image, it’s the information that I need, using the Spot Coordinates, but I need this info to be put in a parameter.


Any tip of advice will be very well received.


Create Easting and northing instance parameter in your column family then feed it with dynamo .

@ingenieroahmad thanks for your response. I already have those parameter created. What I’m looking for is hot to get the information of the N and E of the location point.

Any thoughts?

Select your columns then use “element.get location” node you now have the points.
Use “. X” & “. Y” nodes to get each easting and northing.
Set those values to your parameters.

Hi @ingenieroahmad, thanks for the reply!

This is waht I’ve done so far:

This are the Project Base and the Survey Point:


In Dynamo, I ask for this values, but here I get a different information:


For the location of the column, In Dynamo I have the location as an X, Y and Z but those are not the same as I want.


My model is in Meters.

Any thoughts?

Hi @ingenieroahmad,

After some research I found what I wanted using the Transform_Revit_Out from infraBIM package.

Hope it helps someone else!



Well done

Wow, you saved me so much hassle. Thanks!

Nice one…I have the Spot coordinate N/S and E/W values…How to get the point associated with the spot coordinate…Thanks in advance