Divide surfaces UV

Hello, I’m a bit new to Dynamo and I’m experimenting with divided surfaces. I’m attempting to achieve the correct dimensions with U = 8 and V = 4. I want a panel with a height of 8’ and a width of 4’. However, I must be making a mistake in Dynamo because I’m not getting the desired sizes. Can anyone help me?

Typically U and V are actually the number of panels to place across a face, not the dimensions. You will need to assess the length of the surface edges (using the Isocurves node) and then determine how many U/V divisions they require to get to those dimensions by dividing/rounding.


thank you for replying to my forum GavinCrump But, how can I determine the number of panels to place across a face, considering that U and V typically represent the divisions and not the dimensions? Additionally, what is the process for assessing the length of surface edges using the Isocurves node and determining the U/V divisions needed to achieve specific dimensions through division and rounding?

Watch my video here from 8 minutes through to 20. I moreorless do what you’re trying to achieve:

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Thank you immensely for your assistance. I’ve only just realized that you are one of my favorite YouTubers - your videos have been extraordinarily helpful. Additionally, I have an inquiry: I am in search of a Dynamo package that features a red or green light on nodes to signify whether they are operating correctly or obtaining accurate information. Would you know of the specific package I am referencing? also thank you again, its pretty cool that your helping me.

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Glad to help!

Not familiar with that specific package, although the Tuneup extension should generally be helpful for tracking script performance.