About UV divide

Hi. I came here again ask something.

I wonder can i divide surface not like this.

this is UV axis is different with my modeling.I want to divide surface following each face’s edges.

Can I?

Thank you for your help.

This is a long-lasting issue in dynamo. Dynamo doesn’t handle planar faces well. You’ll have to rebuild your face for it to divide properly.

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Apparently this is still a problem? Anyone know of a decent workaround? I started what i thought was a simple script today in 1.3.3 and this issue has me stumped


I guess the easiest way to deal with the problem, if you’re working on simple geometries, is to first rotate your surface so its aligned with the X and Y axis, to compute the points you need, and then to rotate back the points so they match the original surface.

If you are working with vertical surfaces (say for instance walls), there should be no issue.

Hope that helps

Where did you find The Surfaces.DivideSurfaceUV?