Get divided surface u-grid, v-grid

Is it possible to get number of u and v grid of selected devided surface in revit?

Hello @thitipattpcad

Are you looking for these nodes,
get a point on surface as UV parameter or visa versa

No, not that case. I just try to get number of u-grid and v-grid of the selected surface. As I use the curtain panel pattern base on mass surface and I would like to get the dividing number to manipulate those panels. Is there any node or package that I can use for this purpose.
Thank you

What parameters are available for the element (Element.Parameters node will help to ID that)?

Thank you very much. I found those parameters I want at index 23,24 (Number).
Thank you again

Once you know that, you also know the name. Use an Element.GetParameterValueByName node to get the values you are after.

I have to use the List.GetItemAtIndex due to I would like to get the U and V grid but it’s share the same name (Number). It’s seem to confuse me that the parameter should be unique in name. Anyway I can get my desire information. Thanks

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