Display in revit

hey ! I am new in this group and in dynamo and revit !
I have a problem about the display in Revit.
I start a code about the insertion of a mesh in revit.
I have my model in the background of dynamo by nothing in Revit.
Someone can help me please ?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Check it out

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Hello…you will need to feed in a categori/material and a unique name if you will see your mess as direct shape…for just revit background view (blue lines) do what @Draxl_Andreas say

i already check this and it’s ok ! so unfortunately it’s not this ! :frowning:

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I don’t know but i thought the was a difference between MeshToolkit mesh and Dynamo mesh

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nårrhh ja…think you are right @Marcel_Rijsmus

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Also missing inputs into the direct shape node. Light grey node name means the node is in a function state and not executing.

After converting to an out of the box mesh (there is a node for this in the Spring Nodes package), make sure you provide inouts for the other nodes as well.