The work in dynamo isnt saving in revit

So, after doing and execute some node codes i saved the work of dynamo and it appeared on the screen of revit. But when i close the dynamo the work its automatically excluded. What can i do for the dynamo work save into revit so i can close it e when i open it continue there.

The stuff dynamo does is just in dynamo. It shows as blue lines in Revit.
To actually write to Revit try placing a family.

Just to be sure, please post a screenshot of your graph so we can see if your nodes just affect the Dynamo environment, or if they are actually supposed to affect the Revit environment as well.

Try to show some of the final node output previews as well with the screenshot.

this is how it looks the nodes in dynamo environment, and how is it supposed to appear in the revit environment

hi @giordana.larissa

the geometry you see in dynamo and Revit at this point is the “Preview” of the dynamo geometries in Revit. to transfer dynamo geometries to Revit, use ImportInstance.ByGeometry. Check this topic:



I just started learning dynamo, which nodes i add to ImportInstance.ByGeometry?