Dimension rooms

Hi all

I have posted a thread already about dimensioning rooms. I have also read many thread about dimensioning walls, elements, etc. However some of these threads get very complicated or did not find a solution or went off topic.

There has to be a way to dimension between parallel walls. Someone must have done this without so much use of Python, or complicated scripts. This would be a great outcome from Dynamo in any office to dimension all rooms. (never mind between openings yet, just rooms will do)

I have attempted many different kinds of scripts from all the threads on this (and I am completely lost), so I don’t want to screenshot all them. I am just asking in general, does someone have a script that works. I am sure I have seen all related threads, so if I have missed one that works, then I do apologise, but could you point me towards it.

Or even just some Dynamo wizzkid to tell me ‘it can’t be done’.

Thank you

Ìt can be done

you can use the node WallDimension.

and if you want to dimension just one side of a wall you can adjus the WallDimension node see also te pictures in my other topic.

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Thanks @Nico_Stegeman, but where can I find Wall Dimension node? Done a search in packages and no sign.

Can you give a screen shot of your final Script including the use of the Passthrough node please.

it is a build in node OOTB

type WallDimension in the search bar

i have dynamo english version

@Nico_Stegeman I will reply in your other thread and mark your reply, with the link to it from here, to solved.

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