Dimension wall some times works and some times not Why?

i am trying to Dimension walls in a certain way
i adjust the node WallDimension
for a while it worked fine
(the vertical dimension are working and the horizontal dimensions are not placed)
Why is in not always working?
i also restarted revit and my computer

see images

Vertical dimension are working:

And horizontal gives a null

Problem solved

I used a Passthrough node to delete the tempery detaillines and used not after this dimension node. But after another dimension node. Now i use it after all the dimension node in the script. problems solved :smile:

Still not quiet there. I have the Wall Dimension node. I created your code block. I am fairly new to dynamo. What links into input line element? A dimension style??

See image of what I have so far. Also, what does wall dimension link into and where do you use Passthrough.

the input for input_line_element is a detail line wicht you temperary need
and that detail line needs to be deleted after that all the dimensions have been created.

Thanks again, but I could do with seeing the whole script.

This is where I am now. What are the four connections made into that code block. I am lost with all the different screenshots of the script. I don’t know what order they go in. That’s why I asked in my other thread was there a way to achieve this without so much complexity or confusion.


i can give you the whole script. But is is sometimes it is better to try it first by your self

i will help you
Maybe i learn something new :wink:

1 make a horizontal detail line in the active view:
use the node: Document.Current connect it in to Document.ActiveView
connect that one into the Node DetailCurve.ByCurve (view input)
create 2 points with points.by coordinates (x=0 y=0 z=0) and (x=1000, y=0 z=0)
create 1 line from these 2 points
connect the line into the node DetailCurve.ByCurve

connect the detail line into the code block (input_line_element)

2 select only the vertical walls
connect those into the code block (input_walls)

Believe me, I am trying, and I always like to find out why and how myself. I will give what you said a go. Thanks for your time.

I believe you
it took me 3-4 days to make the whole script working in the way i wanted it to act

You would think it would be so much simpler. All we are trying to achieve to is dimension between parallel walls. That is all I want to start off with. I will worry about openings when I have the first phase achieved.

this will speed op a little :grinning:

input is all walls

out put will be all the vertical walls.
Use it for input in the other code block
ps the code block is important it select the vertical walls and not the horizontal walls and the walls wich are slanting

to select the horizontal walls just change the first sentence in the code block

Sorry, I am lost again. I have spent too much time with about 4/5 different scripts from different threads which are all different ways of trying to achieve what I want. And they are all too complex. There just has to be a much simpler way. The Revit command of dimensioning walls with openings will have to do for now. I’ve started my hunt for this outcome over 2 weeks ago now. And I know it is down to my inexperience of Dynamo, so when I have more experience I will come back to this whole are of trying to Dimension Rooms or Walls.
Thanks for your help. Really appreciated it.