Create Wall Dimensions

Hii Guys,
I’m trying to create wall dimensions but the result is not going on right way, as shown below,
Please could anyone would help.!!
Attached here-under the dyn file
I’m using Genius Loci Package from @Alban_de_Chasteigner

dim.dyn (45.5 KB)

Hi @abdallahzakaria,

Stick with the Wall Layer References node. It will be simpler.

(Please note if you use the Wall Edges References node :
There are bottom and top edges for each wall so this multiplies the number of references by 2 and results in the creation of dimensions with a value of 0)

dim V2.dyn (34.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot @Alban_de_Chasteigner for your answer, but what i’m seeking for, is to reach to the result shown below

Is that could be done with dynamo ??


for sure it can be done using python…not sure about the nodes, but possibly.
If you want to dimension rooms separately than maybe you should get the bounding elements of each room and dimension them - it is an approach that i’ve used in some scripts and it worked.

As for the doors and windows, do you want to dimension the sides of the opening (both) or axis perhaps?

thanks a lot @maciek.glowka , for doors and windows i’d like to dimension one side of each one

the problem also is that there are common walls for different rooms, this could lead to dimension walls more than one time

Not if you create separate dimensions for each room (which i think you have to).
The procedure would be to grab the bounding elements of the room - then divide them by direction (so you dimension parallel walls) - and then create dimension lines for this room.

If you are familiar with python than this could get you started:
(sorry for self advertising but it’s a lot of code to paste and explain again…)

Many thanks @maciek.glowka, I will check the link and let you know the feedback

Perhaps this of interest?

Dimensions are surprisingly difficult!



It’s possible to do it with nodes but there will be a lot of list management.

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Hello Alban,
Is it possible to share the Code Block that is partially hidden about DropItems ?
Thank you

Hi Daniel,
I don’t have this graph with me at the moment but I could share it this evening.

Here is the graph.
It was done quickly so it can be improved.
Dimension walls.dyn (79.3 KB)

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