Different families or types on curve

I am trying to program a script for flat cables with connection elements and end pieces.
I get already length and distances on the list. What is missing now is to change elements individually and get the type in the list.
At end I send a sheet to the manufacturer for the production of individual cables

For a better idea
3.61m Cable length
0.0 m end/start connection
0.5 m connection box typ 2
1.3 m connection box typ 1
2.2 m connection box typ 3
3.0 m connection box typ 3
3.61 m end/start connection

It would be great if someone had an idea.


Flachbandkabel 04.dyn (36.6 KB)
Flackabel Dynamo.rvt (2.9 MB)

use FamilyInstanceByCurve for the linebased family

If those distances are unique you can put it in a dictionary (lenght+familytype)
so calling with a lenght will give you the familytpe by name
If those distances are a factor of the total lenght use a factor in the dictionary and a family type
there is a node for end&startpoints
if you get the idea of the dictionary theres probably a way to insert the connectors too :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I try to implement your suggestions.

Hi, I tried FamilyInstance By Curve but could not find a solution.
In the end I found another useful solution with FamilyInstance.ByPoint several Family Types and List Create.
That can certainly be solved better :nerd_face:

Flachbandkabel 05.dyn (54.6 KB)

nicely done!
the FamilyInstanceByCurve will give you the cable itself (line-based family)
the stringnode you used for placing the connectors can be a codeblock with the numeric values like so (one or two nodes less)

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Thanks, I think I understand now. The line is generated via the Dynamo script. I try to involve it.