Drawing family instaces across lines

I’m trying to create a way to create several families across a line which will have quite a lot of angles in it.
What I’d like to create is something that will place families along those lines and give them appropriate lengths.
I hope I’m making sense.
I’ve been playing around within Revit itself for a while now trying to find out a method but that didn’t work out, so I thought maybe someone knows a method within Dynamo to create a whole bunch of family instances across lines.

Are you using the full curve length for a family or will the curve be split into multiple lengths?
You should be able to use something like PointAtParameter or PointAtSegmentLength to split up your curve. Depending on which node you use you then have some options for getting the segment length for your family instances at those points.


An illustration of what you’re after might help here @PauLtus.

I’m thinking that’s what I am after.
I want to know the length of the segments so I think it’d be easier if it’d be different families for different parts of the line, there will just be straight lines and the family instances would be placed and on them.
Now that I think of it simply getting info on the line(s), the lengths and the angles between them, will probably do the job as well.

I’m still stuck on this one.

Can you show what you have?

An approach similar to some of the placing families along a path topics could possibly work?
Hard to say without that sketch :wink:


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To be honest I don’t actually have anything, this is a part of Dynamo I really haven’t touched yet.
I’ve chatted a bit with @JacobSmall about this and I realized that there’s an easier way to handle this.
The one thing I really need is to get the lengts of the walls, maybe with a bit of an offset. (I’ll edit this bit into the original post).
Ideally I’d actually like to “draw” components along them (there would be a single family for every straight part and it would get stretched and I’d need to know the length (preferably as a parameter)) but I don’t think this will be a necessity.

I’m back with this problem after two months. So I’d like to create families across a line. Maybe you could select the lines and Revit could automatically read out their length, position and angle or something? With that data I might be able to place the families how I want them.

Can you post a sketch of what you are thinking the end result will look like?

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I don’t think that will help much.

It concerns the edging of the ceiling, it doesn’t need a ton of detail but I would like to know the length so I can calculate parameters with it.

So you want to get the perimeter lines of the ceiling so you can get the lengths to calculate something else?

Well, preferably, these lines will be drawn seperately from the ceiling for, errr, complicated reasons (we’re not talking traditional ceiling edging here) but the principle is the same.

I would get the ceiling sketch lines then instead of the walls though. These will be exactly at the edge and allow you to follow the form pretty easily.

So would I in hindsight, but then what.:wink:

Assuming you need model elements which are straight lines, place a linear model element by that line, or place a point based element along that line (point at segmen length or point at parameeter) with a rotation set to the tangency at the placement point.