Family instance by line, error

If i trim a line with Curve.Trim it converts it into curve and for some reason that breaks Familyinstance.ByLine even tho it is a straight curve. Is there a way to convert this back into a line?



As the warning says, you are connecting lists instead single elements.


I don’t understand, The curve and line have the same structure. Yet one works but other doesn’t. How am I using lists instead of elements?


Change the Lacing option. Right-click on your node >> another lacing option.

Which component and which lacing option? Thank you for your help in advance!

Check for the FamilyType you are using.

It’s exactly same family going to both nodes one works yet other doesn’t.

You are connecting a Curve, not a Line.

Can you try the “FamilyInstance by Curve” from Clockwork package?

To get a Line from a Curve use the Geometry.Explode node.

That one read null for some reason.

The curves have to be straight… are they? If they were straight, it had to work.

That’s because the node needs a Line to work, and you’re connecting a Curve.

In API lines use curve classes. I think it is about geometry…

I think I know whats up the whole time my second parameter is supposed to be 1-parameter so it trims from the end. As the line is actually is just a point and not a line. Because I am trimming the line in the same point. I thought that it would count the parameter from the back of the line.

Yep that was the issue. Although it still needs to be exploded into the line or clockwork component needs to be used. It’s kind of sad that dynamo doesn’t figure this out itself. Or even that it changes my lines into curves.

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